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Recommended Safe Use of MACX® and MACX®48 Series Containers

Designed with over 35 years of experience, the MACX® series of Containers are ideal for harvesting, transportation, and storage of produce and general material handling. MACX® Containers are manufactured using resins and additives that have been fully tested and comply with FDA guidelines for direct food contact.

Product specification sheets are available from Decade Products and should be carefully read before MACX® Containers are used. MACX® Containers must be used per the product specification guidelines outlined in Decade Products' literature and website.


HDPE MACX Containers can be cleaned using high-pressure washers or hot water steam cleaners.

Basic Safety Guidelines:

  • Heavy objects should not be dropped onto the floor of the bin as they could damage the bin floor.
  • Any unauthorized alteration or modification to MACX® Containers will void any warranty and may negatively affect the structural integrity of the containers.
  • MACX® Containers with damage to posts should be taken out of service and recycled.
  • When cleaning or sanitizing MACX® Containers, the resistance of HDPE to degradation due to contact with chemicals used should be reviewed. Contact Decade Products for assistance.
  • MACX® Containers must not be pushed over onto hard surfaces.


MACX® Containers are virtually maintenance free, and can provide many years of service when maintained in accordance with guidelines. MACX® Containers are robust, made using materials that will withstand normal usage. MACX® Containers can be stored outdoors without plastic degradation due to our excellent U.V. and A.O. stabilization systems.

With our interlocking post and runner design, consistent dimensions, and dimensional stability MACX® Containers provide crucial improvements over wood containers in space utilization and efficiency

MACX® Containers should always be stacked on hard level surfaces. Stacks should be located in an area away from personnel activity. Unauthorized individuals should be kept away from bin stacks. Exercise caution when de-stacking MACX® Containers outdoors as rainwater could accumulate in the top bin.

Repair of Damaged Containers

Minor damage is simply repaired utilizing a hot air welder and plastic welding rod. The welding rod must be HDPE. For instructions related to bin repair, contact Decade Products.

Temperature Ranges

MACX® Containers can be used over a wide range of temperature environments and filled with contents that fall within these ranges - contact Decade Products for details.

Runner Replacement

Runners on MACX® Containers are replaceable. In the event of damage or extreme wear the runners should be replaced by the user. The runners on MACX® Containers are not designed to be easily removed. Contact Decade Products for instructions.

Capacity and Stack Weight Limits

MACX® Containers have been designed to perform within specific maximum load capacities and stacking tolerances which are not to be exceeded. Please refer to your product-specific specification sheet.


For safe stacking it is important that load stresses are transferred in the designed manner. MACX® Containers have been designed with posts and runners that ensure optimum bearing of loads: for save usage - consult with Decade Products before MACX® Containers are inter-stacked with wood containers or other containers.