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Plastic Pallets

Plastic Pallets

Decade Products manufactures and markets plastic pallets for industrial, agricultural and food processing applications worldwide. Engineered of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), Decade pallets are strong yet lightweight, corrosion resistant and durable. Because they are completely reusable and virtually maintenance-free, Decade pallets are more cost-effective and user-friendly than pallets manufactured from wood, cardboard, and metal.

From heavy-duty pallets for industrial use, to FDA-approved pallets for food applications, to "one-way" pallets for export use, you will discover that our products offer a unique level of performance, quality and cost-effective advantages unlike any other pallets on the market.

Export Pallets

Rackable Pallets

Smooth Pallets

* Bins must be placed on firm, level surface and must be loaded with an evenly distributed weight.
Dimensions may vary +/- 1/2 inch and tare weight may vary +/- 2 lbs. Decade Products reserves the right to change the details of this page at any time.