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MACX Vented Bins & Containers

MACX® Vented Bins

Consider these features when choosing your next bulk container:

  • Longer container life - less frequent repair and replacement.
  • Tough yet lightweight - move them by hand when empty.
  • Stackable - patented interlocking corners allow safe stacking up to ten high.*
  • Compact storage - nest three containers to save storage space and transport costs.
  • Completely sanitary - can be high-pressure washed and sterilized.
  • HDPE plastic - UV protected for outdoor use and fully recyclable.
  • Versatile runner design - available in short side or long side replaceable runners.
  • Meets USDA/HACCP standards for food product handling.
  • More vent slots - for faster cooling and processing times.
  • Smooth interior surfaces - allow a better packout.
  • Does not harbor - splinters, pests, pathogens, mold or other undesirable elements like wood bins.
  • Consistent, more accurate tare weight - than wood containers that absorb excess moisture and water.
  • Customizable - add casters, drain plugs, drop doors, label holders, attachable lids, custom colors, and even emboss your company logo on the side.

MACX® Usage Guidelines

MACX<sup>®</sup> Vented Gray Short Side Runner
MACX® Vented Gray Short Side Runner
MACX<sup>®</sup> Vented Gray Short Side Bottom View
MACX® Vented Gray Short Side Bottom View
MACX<sup>®</sup> Vented Gray Long Side Runner
MACX® Vented Gray Long Side Runner
MACX<sup>®</sup> Vented Gray Long Side Bottom View
MACX® Vented Gray Long Side Bottom View
MACX<sup>®</sup> Vented Inside View
MACX® Vented Inside View
MACX<sup>®</sup> Vented Nested View
MACX® Vented Nested View
Option and Accessories
Options & Accessories


Specifications English (U.S.) Units Metric Units
External Dimensions 48" x 40" x 31" 1,200 x 1,000 x 787 mm
Internal Dimensions 45" x 36.75" x 25.75" 1,143 x 933 x 654 mm
Weight Capacity 1,500 lbs. 680 kg
Internal Volume 190 U.S. gallons, 25.4 cubic feet 719 liters
Stack Load 14,000 lbs. 6,350 kg
Tare Weight 92 lbs. 41 kg
Stack Height Up to 10*
Truckload Quantity 150
Material High-density polyethylene structural foam
Runners Replaceable — Available in short side, long side, and two-runner configurations

* Bins must be placed on firm, level surface and must be loaded with an evenly distributed weight.
Dimensions may vary +/- 1/2 inch and tare weight may vary +/- 2 lbs. Decade Products reserves the right to change the details of this page at any time.