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Decade Products Introduces MACX®48 Bulk Harvest Bin
Larger Size Bin Fits Directly On Harvesting Equipment

Decade Products has introduced a new larger size of its popular MACX® Bulk Harvest Bin that directly fits on harvesting equipment to minimize produce handling.

The MACX®48 is a 48" x 48" vented bin with a maximum load capacity of 1,500 lbs. Like the 48" x 40" MACX® bin, the MACX®48 is constructed of high-density polyethylene structural foam for high strength and superior impact resistance for a longer-lasting, tough but lightweight stacking bin. The longer length better fits field harvesting equipment and increases volume to 217 U.S. gallons.

"We've heard from our customers that a larger bin would allow them to avoid the unnecessary produce transfers that add costly, time-consuming steps and risk damaging product," said Ralph Harris, President and CEO of Decade Products. "With the MACX®48, producers can all but eliminate handling between the field and market. This bin can travel from the field to the processing facility and even straight onto the truck to market without disturbing its contents."

The MACX®48 features an industry-high concentration of vent slots for faster cooling, drying and processing times. Its smooth interior surfaces allow for better packout and can be high-pressure washed and sterilized. The HDPE construction prevents the splinters, pests, pathogens and mold common to wood bins, while meeting USDA/HAACP standards for direct food contact. It is engineered for safe stacking to 10 high for increased warehouse capacity.

The MACX®48 is available for immediate delivery with no minimum order quantity. Standard colors are available in stock. Custom colors and molded company logos are available for easy identification and tracking.