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DECADE PRODUCTS LLC, Adds Hampel Thermoformed Pallets, Trays and Containers to Product Line

DECADE PRODUCTS is pleased to announce an exclusive agreement to market thermoformed plastic pallets, custom trays and Intrustor containers manufactured by Hampel Corporation. With expertise in single sheet, twin sheet, and deep draw thermoforming, Hampel specializes in providing material handling solutions for large components and parts. Among the company's many innovations is wireframe reinforcement during the single sheet and twin sheet forming process to increase weight bearing capacities.

Decade's lightweight, highly durable thermoformed pallets are constructed of maintenance-free, high density polyethylene (HDPE) that eliminates rust, splinters, and paint chips. Easy to clean and more cost-effective and user-friendly than cardboard and wood pallets, they are ideal for grocery, distribution, retail, food processing, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and export applications. Available in sizes 30" x 32" through 48" x 49", these pallets feature a nestable configuration that reduces storage and transportation costs. They are available with a unique stackable design option to permit 4-way side forklift entry and ease of access. Other options include a variety of material thicknesses to match weight requirements and a lip that prevents goods from shifting during transport.

Product-specific trays and pallets are custom designed to fit unique components that must be individually "cradled" for transport in-plant or between plants. These products provide the ideal material handling solution for large parts and sub-systems up to a maximum 78" x 126" x 70" deep. Available in various colors for product identification, these custom designed trays and pallets offer options including a color stripe (to identify product and facilitate correct pallet alignment), logo for customer or product identification, seat belts (to secure products), and steel encapsulated reinforcement.

Intrustor Containers are engineered to transport and store semi-finished and finished goods while generating substantial cost savings for users. The Intrustor "mirror image" design allows the pallet to serve as both pallet and lid, and with the addition of a sleeve to these components, they form a bulk shipping container. These containers feature a quick-fold design for great knock-down ratio, 4-way forklift entry and available encapsulated steel reinforcement.

Thermoformed plastic technology provides several key advantages in the design and manufacturing of pallets, trays and containers, including shorter leadtimes and lower costs to build new tools, plus shorter setup times for small production runs. Thermoformed plastic pallets and containers also offer increased strength, greater design possibilities, and improved heavy-duty performance using a twin sheet forming process.